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Returning from Europe

March 28, 2023

Once again being in Europe was a blast. It’s simply a joy to be with friends who are passionate about the Gospel and multiplying churches.

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Happy Christmas, here's to fruitful 2022!

December 17, 2021

Have a great Christmas and may 2022 be a year of less craziness and much fruitfulness. Thank you for your encouragement, prayer and support.

The price tag of vision is..

November 19, 2021

Well it’s one of those seasons! As many of you know I took on the role of Interim Principal at Faith Bible College, Tauranga. Due to some unforeseen constraints and unhealthy stress issues that can’t be ignored anymore, I must now relinquish this role.

Upcoming Seminar: How To Multiply (Micro) Churches Plus

July 21, 2021

What if churches spread like an infectious godly virus, not large in size but large in volume? Join us at a day where we break down church multplication in an uncomplicated and simple step by step discussion.

Exciting News!

June 14, 2021

Over the last 6-7 months I’ve been helping at Faith Bible College. It seems that God has shoulder tapped me to become the 'Interim Principal’... small the new big?

May 4, 2021

Have we forgotten the Micro size Church? It seems the Bible has a lot to say about it… where churches and meetings were held in homes, places where Salvations, miracles and baptisms took place.

Good news – sad news…

April 27, 2021

Over the last number of months, it’s been great travelling and speaking in various churches in NZ. I really enjoy the Body of Christ with all its flavours, sizes and emphases. And sadly two, who were near and dear to us have passed away.

Complexity is the enemy of multiplication!!

February 17, 2021

Here's how our 2021 has started, along with some thoughts on how the simple things work, complexity is the enemy of multiplication!!

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