July Update - So much happening and more to come


July 13, 2023

“Multiplication…it's not easy but It’s certainly not complicated”.

It’s been an interesting start to the year. Two days after I returned from Europe, I was down with Covid for the first time, and so was Karen. I share everything! Then six weeks later I went down again with Covid. Anyway, we are all good now.Here are a few highlights so far of the last little while…

  • We have just had a Micro Church Round Table hosted by Hope Centre Levin, it went well. I have never heard so many positive stories about beginning these Micro Churches (house churches / small churches). They seem to be springing up in many places in NZ and Aussie. Also, they are not being planted out of reaction, but out of a response and heart for mission and making disciples. The Holy Spirit is up to something.
  • The Macro and Mega Church are often talked about and strategized for, but we haven’t talked much about the Micro. However, it’s happening across the West as never before. Very exciting… Maybe, just maybe, God is wanting His church more relational and authentic, where people can move in the gifts and disciple others. Just a thought! Also, small is so much easier to Multiply. Complexity is the enemy of multiplication. Most Christians worldwide attend a church of less than 70 people, maybe God simply loves small as well.
  • I have begun 4 Wednesday nights of healing meetings at C3 City Church Tauranga. It has been wonderful. We have been able to spend time declaring healing over people’s lives and have seen a few instant healings. In Luke 9:1-2 / 10:9 & Matthew !0:8 Jesus says to the disciples “heal the sick” … He didn’t say pray for the sick. He has given us authority to heal the sick.
  • I have booked my next trip to Europe in September & October. We will have a VCI day with leaders in Terneuzen South Holland; in France, we will have a day in Le Havre for those who want to explore beginning small churches and forming a French network. Things are progressing well, and a number of networks are slowly forming. This for me is exciting as the big idea from the beginning has been to Ignite Church Planting Networks / Movements. Karen & I may be in Europe for Christmas and new year… but that’s a story for next time…
  • Many weekends, I continue to travel to various churches around NZ…
  • The Police Chaplaincy in Tauranga, Papamoa and Te Puke Stations is progressing well and I’m having good conversations. There seems to be respect for the chaplain’s role, and I find great joy in this pastoral role.
  • Karen has just completed a course in hospital chaplaincy for Tauranga Hospital. This is a volunteer role and will take a few hours a week.
  • Karen & I have both made ourselves available for funeral celebrant work, which we enjoy. We meet wonderful people and it’s a privilege to help them through the journey of saying goodbye to a loved one.
  • I enjoy this season of catching up with people in NZ and overseas, and for want of a better word, a discipling role has formed.
  • A personal note :- For those of you who have journeyed with us from the beginning, our Grandson Elijah was born the same week that we announced our handing over of Eastside Church in Hamilton.  Well Elijah turned 15 this week! Such a milestone with some huge miracles along the way. We truly applaud Josh & Amberley for the way they have navigated this incredible journey of parenting Elijah. So proud of them both and their family.

Well, that’s about us. Thank you again for your prayers (we sooo need it ) encouragement and support.

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