Nick Klinkenberg facilitates and oversees the pioneering of new churches, networks, and movements. As an author and leader he coaches and encourages believers worldwide.

Founder of Vision Churches International, he travels locally and overseas, especially in Europe. He facilitates and oversees the pioneering of new churches, networks, and movements, as well as coaching and encouraging leaders. Nick and his wife, Karen are commissioned by and partner with C3 Churches-Global. Nick is the author of Multiplication, Daily Medicine, and co-author of Miracles in Aotearoa NZ. Nick and Karen have raised three sons and have six granchildren.

Many years ago...

Many years ago, in the late 1970s, I remember quite clearly being in a pastor’s office and talking about the church he was planting. I met with Pastor John Douglas who had just planted a church in Welcome Bay, Tauranga. We were in the basement of his house where the church was meeting at the time, and I asked a very simple question: “How do you plant a new church? What do you do?” He proceeded to show me various procedures.

I don’t remember the rest of the discussion at all. All I know is that something in that brief conversation captivated me that day, and it has mushroomed, growing over the years in its passion and intensity—I was addicted! It was one of those God-defining moments.

To this day I don’t know why I was so fascinated by it; maybe my God-given destiny hit me from eternity within the confines of time. Yet without a doubt, it was just one of those very simple yet profound ‘God’ moments.

Since that time I have had an ache in my being to keep church planting a high priority within the Body of Christ, especially in the Western world. There is an overwhelming need in specific regions of the world, such as Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand, to plant outposts of Heaven. We desperately need groundbreaking, apostle-type leaders who are able to break through both visible and invisible obstacles. We need people of faith, perseverance, and character. Nations await such leaders to stand up and guide them into the future. This inspired me to write the book Multiplication, a tool to inspire those revolutionaries to boldly step forward and take ground for Christ.

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Vision Churches International

Vision Churches International is a relational network of Pastors, Leaders & Churches partnering together for Harvest.

Founded by Nick and Karen Klinkenberg in 2007. After leading churches in NZ since 1983 they moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to put feet to the dream of "Planting churches that Plant churches."

There are a number of churches that are now part of the VCI network, including France, Belgium and Netherlands. Also in the network is the Church Planting Training Centre (CPTC) in Europe. Nick and Karen now live in New Zealand and they continue to travel extensively worldwide.

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Nick and Karen Klinkenberg have been Senior Leaders in New Zealand leading two churches for 26 years. They handed their church over in Hamilton NZ in 2008 and now operate in an overseeing role to a number of churches in NZ and Europe. Nick travels extensively in NZ and Europe; speaking, coaching and mentoring leaders. He is passionate about, resourcing and developing leaders so dreams are released and ministry multiplies. Nick is also a volunteer Police Chaplain for the Bay of Plenty.

Nick has authored a number of books, “Multiplication”, “Daily Medicine”, “Keep Yourself in Faith”, a multiplication “QUOTE book”, “How to Multiply Churches” and “co-edited “Miracles in Aotearoa”. After living in Amsterdam for a number of years, Nick and Karen now live in Tauranga New Zealand. He travels to Europe at least twice a year where his passion is to ignite church planting movements. This has led to a number of churches being planted in Holland, Belgium and France.

Karen has now retired from funeral directing, but still contracts for funerals, and both Karen & Nick are funeral celebrants. Karen is a volunteer Hospital Chaplain.

Nick and his wife Karen have been married since 1978, and have three adult sons and six grandchildren. Karen’s life scripture is 2 Peter 1:3. Nick’s life scripture is Eph 3:20-21

Endorsements of Nick's Ministry

Nick Klinkenberg has made an invaluable contribution to Christian ministry in New Zealand and beyond for many years. Over these years, he has learnt many valuable lessons, which the wise will be eager to heed. I commend Nick and his works to you as being highly beneficial resources for the Christian leader, and all who aspire to usefulness in evangelism, church planting, and Kingdom work.

Phil Pringle - C3 Global President

For over twenty years Nick has been an unrelenting voice championing the cause of church planting, church multiplication, and planting church-planting movements. He has lived this out through a passion and commitment to see this happen, especially in Europe.

Steve Graham - Principal Equippers College, Auckland NZ

I’ve known Nick Klinkenberg for more than 20 years. He’s been a church planter, senior pastor, movement leader, and pioneer. Read his book, Multiplication, and learn from his lifetime of experience. Even better, you’ll catch the fire that burns in his heart.

Steve Addison – UK Author, Pioneering Movements: 
Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

I have had the privilege of knowing Nick since his first church plant many years ago, and right through to today, Nick is the ultimate church-planting practitioner, not a theoretician.

Lloyd Rankin - National Director, Vineyard Churches Aotearoa New Zealand

Nick Klinkenberg is an incredible mix of both apostolic leader and pastor. So when I am around him, I get both his passion for the cause and passion for the people of the cause. Combined together I found this to be explosive—his growing of churches and his consultation to churches.

Steve Warren - Senior Pastor,
C3 Amsterdam, NL

Nick Klinkenberg has a long and impressive track record of fruitful ministry, both within a local church, and across the wider body of Christ. When he speaks (or writes), the wise will listen (or read).

Steve Burgess - Senior Pastor South City C3, Christchurch NZ, Regional Overseer C3 Pacific

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