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Nick and Karen Klinkenberg have been Senior Leaders in New Zealand leading two churches for 26 years. They handed their church over in Hamilton NZ in 2008 and now operate in an overseeing role to a number of churches in NZ and Europe. Nick travels extensively in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe; speaking, coaching and mentoring leaders. He is passionate about, resourcing and developing leaders so dreams are released and ministry multiplies.

Nick has authored a number of books, “Multiplication”, “Daily Medicine” and “How to start a church for dummies”. After living in Amsterdam for a number of years, Nick and Karen now live in Cambridge New Zealand. He travels to Europe at least four time a year where his passion is to ignite church planting movements. This has lead to a number of churches being planted in Holland, Belgium and France, with exponential church planting beginning.

Karen is a full time funeral director, which she loves. Nick and his wife Karen have been married since 1978, and have three adult sons and six grandchildren. Karen’s life scripture is 2 Peter 1:3. Nick’s life scripture is Eph 3:20-21.