Returning from Europe


March 28, 2023

Once again being in Europe was a blast.

It’s simply a joy to be with friends who are passionate about the Gospel and multiplying churches. It’s always a privilege to speak in churches, minister to people and meet one on one with church planters.

Antwerp was the first night's sleep - my room is always ready at Joost and Lut's, they're wonderful hosts. The next day I traveled by bus via Paris to Le Havre - Normandie. What a fantastic time with Marc & Caz Joutet and their family. They have some God inspired plans as they have really caught the DNA of multiplication and networks.

Clayton & Kat. Marc, Christophe & Klara in Le Havre - Normandie

Then to Manchester via Amsterdam. Ivy Church Manchester began in 1899 a church with a long history. They keep running their Sunday services but have planted 12 small churches in their city. Tim and Rebecca Burr lead the Charge and Tim is the ’New Thing’ Europe leader.

Freddie, Rebecca & Tim in Manchester

Terneuzen (in Old Zeeland) is always a wonderful place to be and Cors & Coby, Joa & Thiza and their team are planting churches. They are good friends on the other side of the world! I even have one of my favourite restaurants there!

Joa & Thiza in Terneuzen

Next was Olesno, Poland (the 3rd time). Slawomir Jagiela and his wonderful family are always a delight and inspiration. 700 Maist (places), began 10 years ago. They're aiming to plant 700 churches in towns that have no evangelical, vibrant alive church. 45 churches have begun! That's amazing considering how difficult Poland is. They have translated and printed (second printing) my multiplication book and use it as a text.

Top right Slawomir, Olesno and bottom left Jerzy from Wods

I spoke in Olesno in the morning and in the afternoon, a church that is in a cafe, in Wods. (English spelling). Wods has a population of 800,000 people - has 22 churches and less than 1000 christians. The church has recently begun and there were 60-70 people in attendance. This is their second church and they have plans to multiply churches in the city and nearby towns. So encouraging.

Friends and places from my Poland stop.

Then to Oss with friends Chris and JD. They are working in a difficult area called Brabant, it’s certainly a challenging part of Nederland. Then it was back to Terneuzen for the VCI network day. Sunday in Eeklo, Belgium.

VCI network day in Terneuzen

It was also a joy to meet with some of my family in Amsterdam. So cool… actually it was snowing… so cool… :-)

I arrived home to NZ on my birthday 22nd March and just before our 45th Wedding anniversary!! Good timing ay!!! ALTHOUGH birthday and anniversary celebrations have been postponed as yours truly got covid. Dying is not an option for me but, if I did, Karen knows what to do!  Although she said “you’ll be ok”. And that was that!!! By the time this update goes out I’ll be fine!

The big idea that I feel I have been mandated with, is 'to ignite church planting networks/movements'. I didn’t see this happening for a while. But now I am seeing it begin to take place. I am reminded that through Faith and Patience/endurance we inherit what God has promised. Heb 6:12 NKJV. New networks are beginning to bud. Job 14:9 NIV. Very exciting.

The best way to fulfil the Great Commission that Jesus gave us is to plant new churches... Still holds true. It may not be easy, but it's not complicated.

Thank you for prayer, support and encouragement. It is so valued.

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