Stories of Faith

Stories of Faith, like the ones below detail personal accounts of healing or miracles, either through the faith of the receiver or that of the person praying, but always in an act of divine love and amazing grace from our Father in heaven.

God works and the devil is beaten!

Hips, Legs, Knees & Feet

After years of pain and suffering, Sarah experiences two healing miracles, not only for what she asked for but even more.

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Not too messy for Jesus


A woman lives with a wound for more than two years, too embarrassed for help and feeling like a leper.

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Builder's Health Restored

Diseases, Disorders & Syndromes

A builder becomes so weak that he could barely lift a cup, with brain function diminishing he knew he only had one chance of recovery.

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Baby boy blessing

Infertility & Children Healed

Faced with infertility and never having a large family, a journey of faith saw this couple blessed with a baby boy.

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Food fears

Diseases, Disorders & Syndromes

Faced with a potential food intolerance issue led to fears of unhealthy eating, led to a moment of faith which set her free.

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No more doubt

Abdominal & Internal Organs

A sceptic of healing meetings has an encounter that reveals the boundless power of our Father

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The Fisherman

Shoulders, Arms, Elbows & Hands

An injury on the job means this fisherman must stop working, upon receiving prayer he was healed of the injury and more.

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