Stories of Faith

The Fourfold Blessing!

After Natalia had a miracle healing, and during a few years of being married God had provided four blessings!

In March 2001, I came to a Weston Carryer meeting at Main Street Church in Stratford. I had just got engaged and children were in our long-term plan as a married couple. There was one small problem, though. Five years earlier I had been told that the chances of my being able to conceive children naturally were very slim. I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. An ultrasound confirmed that I had cysts growing around each of my ovaries, which were preventing an egg being released each month resulting in my having only two or three periods a year.

I decided to come to Weston’s meeting and receive prayer. I had faith in God and trusted that I would be healed. One of the desires of my heart was to be a Mum and I knew on that night in March 2001, my healing process was going to begin. As Weston prayed for me, I could feel the power of God at work in my body. I can’t describe exactly how it felt other than it was wonderful. As each month rolled by the Lord was healing me—I was a “normal” woman and it felt great after nine years of not being “normal” and wondering what was wrong with me. Nathan and I married four months later in August 2001, and six-weeks later, I fell pregnant. We couldn’t believe it— pregnant! We were over the moon. Thomas was born on 17 June 2002, followed by his sister, Rebekah on 31 May 2004. Around May 2005, Weston came to Main Street Church again. As I sat listening to testimonies and witnessing miracles and healings, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to go forward for healing once more! I had another wonderful experience, soaking up the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord still had some work to do in me!! On 1 August 2005, Nathan and I found out I was expecting another baby and we were speechless. Another miracle, another blessing! But the Lord had another surprise in store for us. On 17 November 2005, we found out we were having identical twins. Poor old Nathan didn’t know what to do—stand up, sit down, take his hat off or put his hat on. “Four kids . . .” he exclaimed, “and two of those twins! How are we going to cope?” But the Lord is good; we have survived their first year. They are now fourteen months old and just lovely, lovely boys. We must say a huge thank you to our heavenly Father, and we’re so thankful for Weston’s ministry. If he hadn’t come to Main Street Church, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go forward for prayer and receive healing, and I wouldn’t have had four wonderful children in the space of three and a half years. Isn’t God awesome?

—Natalia Hodge

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Stories of Faith, like the one above detail personal accounts of healing or miracles, either through the faith of the receiver or that of the person praying, but always in an act of divine love and amazing grace from our Father in heaven.  

This story is from Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand, a book containing testimonies from the life and ministry of R. Weston Carryer, one of New Zealand’s most notable healing evangelists. His life and story show the incredible love and willingness God has for His people.

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