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A serious rugby accident which should of stopped Tony from playing rugby ever again.

On 28 May 2005, I was involved in a serious rugby incident. It resulted in my knee being split open. As I was carried off the field to be assessed by medical staff, I realised it was much more serious than I imagined. The split measured eight centimetres wide and was quite deep, almost to the bone. I was therefore taken to a Medic Centre for further treatment. After an hour in theatre and eight stitches later, I was released. I did not feel any pain until later that night. I could not sleep for long periods of time for the next two days because the pain was extreme.

I went to see my local GP on the Monday because the swelling had gone down to my shin and around the back of my calf muscle. Because of the severity of the pain I was prescribed stronger antibiotics. The next thirty-two hours where spent in bed. Although the medication helped ease the pain, I was still a long way from recovery. I couldn’t wait to attend the Weston Carryer healing meeting the following Tuesday night, even though I was in agony. As I entered the church auditorium in my wheelchair, I made sure I got a place up the front so that Weston could see me. Every time he would call out a condition I was praying that it would be mine. Finally a knee condition was called out, but it was the opposite of mine. Sitting there I thought to myself, in a humorous kind of way, to cross my legs so that my injured left knee would be on the right side, but I couldn’t even lift my left leg because the pain was too strong to bear. I remember sitting in my wheelchair listening to Weston Carryer’s message, and praying in tongues as well, that tonight was going to be the night for my healing. As I went up the front, I found myself praying in tongues more and more. As Weston approached me, I explained what had happened to me just four days before.

He said to me, “Alright! Are you ready for your miracle?”

I replied, “Yes, I am.”

After I was prayed for I felt the pain immediately go. The swelling around my shin and calf muscle had gone. I stood up out of my wheelchair and had two men assist me in walking. Once I got my balance I was able to walk by myself. To my own amazement I walked my wheelchair out. I give all praise and honour to God for His healing power. I can’t wait to get back onto the rugby field again.

Tony Rikona

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Stories of Faith, like the one above detail personal accounts of healing or miracles, either through the faith of the receiver or that of the person praying, but always in an act of divine love and amazing grace from our Father in heaven.  

This story is from Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand, a book containing testimonies from the life and ministry of R. Weston Carryer, one of New Zealand’s most notable healing evangelists. His life and story show the incredible love and willingness God has for His people.

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