Stories of Faith

A Life Changing Fall

Jim had fall from a ladder which left him in severe pain for over a year, until a God encounter turned it all around.

In November 1995, I fell off a ladder and received compression fractures in two vertebrae in my back. I was taken immediately to North Shore Hospital and then transferred to Middlemore Hospital. A CT scan revealed that as well as the two vertebrae fractures, the nerves from the back of the left leg were severed. The doctors said that I would never walk again without support. I was told that I would have to spend twenty- six weeks in hospital: eight weeks flat on my back, ten weeks in rehabilitation, and then a further eight weeks undergoing other treatment.

I was visited by my South Auckland F.G.B. president in hospital who prayed for me, and the feeling returned to my leg. I decided that I did not want to complete the treatment in hospital, and one month after the fall, I discharged myself. The hospital authorities said that they would not take any responsibility for what would happen to me. With the aid of a brace, I managed to hobble around for the next three months, but I was in continual intense pain all the time. It was all I could do to move at all. Also, as a result of a broken wrist, my carpel tunnel was damaged and I had been unable to close my hand for some time.

In early March 1996, I attended a F.G.B. meeting in West Auckland where Weston Carryer was ministering. During the ministry time, I went forward for him to pray for me. I was in terrible pain. I remember Weston starting to pray for me and the next thing I knew, it was sometime later when I woke up on the floor with a lot of other people also on the floor. I discovered that my hand was closed. My hand was working again and the wrist was healed. I then wondered how on earth I was going to get up as it was four months since I had been able to do this. To my absolute amazement, I simply got up and discovered that all the pain and restrictions I had were totally gone. I went to the bathroom, took my brace off, and then came back into the hall and did a series of back exercises. Jesus had totally healed my back. Over the last four years my back has been completely normal. Praise the Lord!

—Jim Foster

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Stories of Faith, like the one above detail personal accounts of healing or miracles, either through the faith of the receiver or that of the person praying, but always in an act of divine love and amazing grace from our Father in heaven.  

This story is from Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand, a book containing testimonies from the life and ministry of R. Weston Carryer, one of New Zealand’s most notable healing evangelists. His life and story show the incredible love and willingness God has for His people.

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