Stories of Faith

A Forty Year Nightmare

At 68 years old, with a daughter who has been praying for him for 16 years, Alan was healed of all sicknesses and addictions.

"At the age of four, I was placed in an orphanage by my parents where I remained until I was sixteen. After leaving the orphanage, I started drinking and smoking heavily and soon became an alcoholic. I injured my back and also developed a severe stomach condition. To ease the pain, I drank all I could and used drugs. I got married but that did not last. I attempted suicide, and spent some time in Porirua Psychiatric Hospital. Then, through my law-breaking activities, I was detained in prison for two-and-a-half years and later served one-and-a-half years in Mt. Crawford prison. For forty years my life was a nightmare. At sixty-eight years of age, after four unsuccessful stomach operations, numerous treatments and operations on my back, having to wear a brace for thirty-five years, and having also developed emphysema which made me continually gasp for breath, I had no hope.

However, my daughter had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of her life and had become a Christian. She had been praying for me for sixteen years and started taking me to church. At a church service I heard that there was a healing evangelist called Weston Carryer who was coming and I became curious as I had never seen an evangelist before. I attended his meeting and saw many people being healed of their conditions by the Lord as Weston prayed for them. I then went forward, and what happened is absolutely mind-boggling. The Lord healed all my sicknesses and addictions.

It is now twelve months since I was healed. The Lord has done for me what the doctors said could not be done. I have not had any discomfort in my back. The brace that held me together for thirty-five years is not needed. I am completely healed in Jesus’ name. I have not had any stomach problems and I am eating anything I fancy. I do not use my inhaler and I am on no medication at all. Driving and walking are not a problem. I can now go to my letterbox and climb up my back steps without gasping for breath. The desire for cigarettes and alcohol was taken away, and I have put on weight. No longer am I skin-and- bone. My nights are no longer full of bad dreams. I am free, and Jesus Christ is my Lord! I have not been to a doctor ever since that memorable night twelve months ago. Thank You, Jesus."

—Alan Rod, Titahi Bay

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Stories of Faith, like the one above detail personal accounts of healing or miracles, either through the faith of the receiver or that of the person praying, but always in an act of divine love and amazing grace from our Father in heaven.  

This story is from Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand, a book containing testimonies from the life and ministry of R. Weston Carryer, one of New Zealand’s most notable healing evangelists. His life and story show the incredible love and willingness God has for His people.

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