Waves One


Nick Klinkenberg

An original art piece by Nick, inspired by faith and scripture.

Format: Acrylic on paper in frame

Size: 18x18cm including frame

Shipping: $15 nation-wide NZ only

$59.00 NZD
+ shipping & handling

Art by Nicholas Klinkenberg

I began painting later in life. Life was good, but extremely busy and I found art caused me to slow down, bring peace and inspiring relief which was life giving.

Several art courses later, art has become a passion that fires my imagination to dream.

Living for a time in Europe and traveling there numerous times a year, has only ignited my fascination in this huge world called art.

Enjoy, be inspired, and ask yourself a few questions as you view;

  • Why does this piece of art hold a certain mystic for you?
  • What inspires you in this picture; is it the colours, shapes or how it’s configured?
  • What ignites in your imagination when you see this picture?

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