How to Multiply Churches


Nick Klinkenberg

The dream is to ignite church planting movements, churches that plant churches, like an infectious godly virus!

Through Covid-19, I wrote a book on how to multiply churches, not simply add churches.

It’s written in an uncomplicated and simple step by step easy to read style. The physical copies are printed back to front…that’s for a specific reason!
All will be revealed when you receive your copy. The digital copies will be normal order…

Inside you'll find:

  • Why multiplication?
  • A simple ‘step by step’ look at HOW to multiply churches
  • The benefits of a partnering in a network and movements
  • What is church?  A fascinating conversation especially following the pandemic season of 2020
  • One of the main things Jesus asked us to do is to make disciples. How do we do that?

Publisher: Nick Klinkenberg / Castle Publishing Ltd (August 19, 2020)

Pages: 42

$7.00 NZD
+ shipping & handling

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