Welcome to 2020


February 9, 2020

Hello and Welcome to 2020.

It’s great to touch base with you again. Thanks for taking the time to read this…

In January, I’ve been privileged to speak in two conferences: Both conferences were exceptional. I was certainly impacted, and I know others were encouraged and able to take steps forward as the conference progressed. Both went really well.

I’m off to Europe next Thursday for three weeks. France, Holland, Belgium & a trip to Germany to meet a new contact there. I’ve felt for the last 18 months to pray that doors would open in Germany so we will see where this leads.

We are thankful for the opportunities we have in Europe and it is so cool to see churches beginning to grow and others planted.

Some of the major happenings are:

  • I’ll be in four VCI churches and three very new plants…exciting!
  • One of the French leaders, Clayton, who has his own marketing company, will be travelling with me and taking video footage as he is passionate about making a long & short story of VCI. This will be a year-long project. It’s going to be exciting putting it together. Prayer would be appreciated.
  • VCI all-in-day with leaders and guests. These are always soooo worthwhile and a lot of fun. Please pray.
  • Hannover, Germany for the day, so let’s see what doors open there. Please pray.
  • I’m speaking with the amazing students in the Community Planting Training Center. (CPTC) We have 17 students, and as far as I’m aware all are going for the two-year course. We prayed for 15! Pray that all the students would be involved in some way in planting new communities of faith.
  • As always, I’ll be connecting with several friends and a few new people along the way. Please pray for new connections.
  • I am wanting to print the Multiplication book in Dutch. Could you please pray that we would find the right publisher?

I’m back in NZ on the 5th of March.

Mission leaders worldwide all agree, the best way to fulfil Matthew 28, the Great Commission, is to plant new churches.

Prayer has always been a big deal for me, but over the last month, it’s really ramped up. I was so encouraged hearing Dick Eastman, (he’s written many books on prayer and spent his life encouraging people to pray for labourers for the harvest). Let me encourage you: Matt 7:7 NKJV; James 4:2b NLT & PS 65:24 NKJV …all these scriptures challenge us to keep asking.

Myself with Dick & Dee Eastman

"Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the Kingdom”. C. H. Spurgeon

God does nothing apart from prayer, and everything by it”. John Wesley

So, I encourage you to keep asking for those things that God has put on your heart.

The other big news is that Karen & I are relocating to Tauranga.
Two of our sons & their families are now there. We have thought about Tauranga for a long time & being available to our grandies is a huge value for us. So, a big change after being in the Waikato for over 30 years. New house, a new job for Karen, new city, new church, new friends – a whole new season!!! 🙂 There’s no timeframe at this stage.

Be encouraged, God is working. I am convinced that in this decade we will see, Ephesians 3:20-21 become even more of a reality.

For His Glory…

Nick and KarenCheck out our ministry tools and books. GO to…

PS. I have sent out what has happened in VCI over the last 11 years, the present and the next five years. It’s the first time that I’ve encapsulated everything we’ve been doing and given a broad-brush stroke of our time. If you want me to send you this update, please send me your address and it will be posted to you.

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