The dream of VCI, now and the future!


March 14, 2020

Hello again – I’m back in beautiful NZ! Thank you for taking the time to read these updates…

It was so good being with friends in Le Havre, Terneuzen, Oss, Almere, Antwerp and Eeklo. Also in Germany where I met a new contact.

The French connection - Le Havre

I travelled with Clayton from Le Havre and interviewed church planters from the VCI network; as we are making a documentary style video of “the dream of VCI, what’s happening now and the future”. It went better than expected! The video will be available towards the end of the year. Clayton’s business is in video marketing and graphics.

We had leaders of VCI network come together again for a day. It was brilliant, with lots of prayer. There were encouraging reports and testimonies of what is happening in churches. For example, salvations, leadership teams expanding, churches experiencing growth, the beginning of new churches and the aim to plant churches, Yay!

VCI day
VCI - Julius & Joa

CPTC (Community Planting Training Center) has 17 students and is a practical and massive step forward in the multiplication journey. What a great group of students, all of them are aiming to be involved in planting new communities of faith.

VCI - CPTC students
VCI - CPTC students

It’s really wonderful to see things moving forward in Europe. Thank you again for your prayers and support – it’s bearing fruit.

Our latest news is that we have sold our home in Cambridge where we have lived for the last 4 years, yes I know, it sold quicker than we thought, in fact I was still in Europe. So, we’re on the journey of moving to Tauranga after 30 years of living in the Waikato. Our handover date is the 24th of April. Oh, my goodness… fun times!

We have our 42nd wedding anniversary this month – WOW!! Who would have thought – a good reason to celebrate. We also have a couple of church planting couples staying with us this month from Europe, so praise God we still have a home! Also I have a few speaking engagements in NZ churches, and of course packing – which I must admit I dislike intensely, but it’s wonderful that Karen is brilliant at it!!!!

Ralph Moore has excellent things to say regarding church planting and is a multiplier of churches. This is another great read on “think small”. This is something we desperately need to prayerfully consider if we are serious about reaching the West.

Once again thank you for taking your place in this ministry of multiplication; in prayer and support. It never goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

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