September 2018 Update


September 4, 2018

It’s been a great few months back in NZ. I’ve been speaking in churches most weekends: C3, Acts, AOG, New Life and a few others. I go to those I can build and have relationship with. I find this invigorating, life giving and fun; seeing God move in all the different expressions of the Body of Christ. People come to Christ most times and healings occur frequently. I so value the Body of Christ.

I leave for Europe on Thursday 27th of September. Here is where I’m going…

  • I’ll be at the beginning of the 2nd year of the ‘Church Planting Training Centre’  We have 15 students continuing from the first year.
  • A new church in Belgium that is partnering with us (near Brussels).  
  • Ireland for 4 days with my friend Peter Finch. He is igniting church planting amongst a group of church leaders.
  • Back to Terneuzen, Holland, for a VCI all in day.
  • Then to Chris & JD – in Oss.
  • Prayer meeting with a new church beginning in Eklo, Belgium. They already have 12 towns nearby in their sights to plant churches in!
  • 10th -15th October in Poland. This is a new open door. They have translated my ‘Multiplication’ book into Polish & have printed 500 copies. I will be speaking at a Pastors’ & church planters’ conference. I wonder what God will ignite!

I’m home on the 17th of October.

I have 4 books published, plus a booklet. They are selling well.

The new book “Keep Yourself in Faith” is popular and many have said it’s a great encouragement & resource. The big idea is “Faith comes by hearing” - you can listen to all the Faith scriptures, as they are recorded.

The very latest booklet Supernatural Language – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit”, is proving to be very popular.

By the way, every purchase of these resources goes into Vision Churches International Trust and helps support what we do here and in other Nations. 

View all my books on my bookstore

I have recently begun a series about Multiplication containing clips from a recent lecture I filmed about church planting and my book Multiplication. Here is the first one for you to watch with others posted to my resource page every couple of weeks.

Once again thank you for your prayer, encouragement and support. One of the ways to partner is to sponsor books. This helps tremendously to get these resources out there. A book goes where you haven’t been or can’t go. For example, “Multiplication” is now in 15 countries and seems to be such a helpful tool to many leaders.

If you want to sponsor in some way, simply in touch with via my contact page.

Please do not feel any pressure at all, this is simply an opportunity to get resources out there. I am convinced the right book at the right time can change a life!  

Without a huge team of people and churches I could not do what I do, and I can minister where you’re unable to go…so thank you!

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