October Update - Upcoming Travel


October 4, 2019

On October 10th, I leave the Spring of NZ for the Autumn of Europe. I am immediately at the Community Planting Training Center (CPTC. 11th & 12th Oct).

It will be their second weekend for this course. We have 15 new students. (Yes!!! We prayed for 15 didn’t we!) It really is quite unique as students only fully graduate when they have begun a new community of faith. (I’m sure I haven’t told you that before) CPTC runs for two years as an internship and majors on discipleship and planting churches. This is the second intake. Very exciting.

 Here are a few highlights for my upcoming trip:

  • Sunday October 13th I am speaking in a new church in Eklo, Belgium. They are part of the VCI network. They have just rented a building as homes were not practical anymore. The leaders Johnny and Mirjam and their team have their eyes on 11 other towns surrounding them; all of which have no evangelical church in them.
  • I will be meeting with various church planters that week in Holland and Belgium, including a leader who leads the charge of church planting for a large movement.
  • Sunday 20th France – Arras, another of our network churches.
  • Then to Manchester for a few days to meet with more church planters. :)
  • October 26th we have a VCI all in day in Terneuzen. These are always great supernatural times of prayer, encouragement, input, prophecy, fun and food! And of course, coffee and Dutch treats.
  • October 27-28 At our network churches in Almere and in Zwolle. It’s very exciting that the Zwolle church has had a significant number of baptisms,  since it began in February this year.
  • October 31st I’m back in NZ!

Please pray for these meetings with church planters and future church planters. Also for salvations and the supernatural to be evident.

Making Disciples is one of the main things Jesus told us to do. Let me sum up discipleship: Loving and Obeying Jesus. 4 words…Simple and uncomplicated but, I realize it’s not easy.   

How does one disciple? What course or seminar or workshop is needed?
Well of course these are helpful, BUT Jesus said in Matt 28: “…teach them to obey everything I have commanded you…”  Now that’s do-able for everybody!  What has God taught you? Share it with others! Find a few people to have a regular catchup with and ask a few open questions.         

Anyway, that’s the short version! Hahaha… Christianity is uncomplicated and simple! It’s for everybody, and everybody can be involved!

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and support! It is very much appreciated.

Nick & Karen.

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