October Update - Fruitful in Europe


October 16, 2023

I’m back in NZ - returned from Europe a few days ago. It seems like we have 100’s being discipled, and 100’s of churches now in Western Europe! OH DEAR, that’s a dream… but not quite a reality

Although I do love what Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited. Imagination embraces the entire world”. I’ve found that Imagination brings you into
the faith zone!

Back to reality… again it was a fruitful trip. The VCI day was great with 4 countries represented plus yours truly! We spoke about…you guessed it…multiplication! We spent time throughout the day hearing from one another and praying for each person and location. Prophecies flowed…all in all God spoke. It was a great day.

A group worshiping in a small room.

Every Sunday I spoke in churches. Messages went well… even if I do say so myself!!! People responded to Christ for salvation, rededication and prayer.It was wonderful to be in Oss (South Nederland’s) with dear friends and church planters Chris & JD, plus their team who are planting churches. There are 5 churches now, (called Lifeboats).

Two happy couples standing in a living room, church planters from left to right: Bruno & Magda, Jedidja & Christiaan
Church planters from left to right. Bruno & Magda, Jedidja & Christiaan

I was able to make a few new connections with significant people, sell and give books to people -especially leaders. Books are good for expanding people’s minds and hearts and I’ve discovered they go where
you can’t, plus they are good for people to refer to when talking about this church planting stuff.

The right book at the right time can change a life… have a look: View my bookstore

The cover of a book, How to Multiply Churches, translated into French
How to Multiply Churches in French

The last weekend was in Le Havre – Normandie, where we had a Saturday scheduled for those who want to plant churches that plant churches and be part of a French network. But alas, the network meeting
didn’t happen as almost everyone was sick! The team of 7 here are brilliant people, and will follow each one up and have another day in November. Once again it showed me how tough it is in France.

Two couples in a living room church group in Le Havre, from left to right - Clayton, Klara, Marc & Caz
Le Havre, from left to right - Clayton, Klara, Marc & Caz
A divers group of Christians sitting around a table having a BBQ in Le Havre
BBQ with the Le Havre team.

But we had a great time together and it was worth being there. I spent the day with them on Saturday, and was able to encourage them. Then Sunday I spoke in a micro church 45 minutes away, and they beamed the message to the other group live! Both churches add up to 30 plus people. Small is the new big. They are now talking about a third church. Yes! In Europe, there are villages/towns all over the place!! Actually Europe is made up of small towns and Villages and hundreds have NO churches at all! But don’t get me started!

A happy couple hugging outside in Le Havre, church planters Marc & Caz.
Le Havre, church planters Marc & Caz.

If you haven’t looked at the VCI documentary about church planting in Europe. Below is the 3 minute trailer, have a look…by the way we have won a few awards with this, how cool is that!

Thanks for taking the time read this, your encouragement, PRAYER, and support is sooo welcomed and appreciated.

Nick & Karen

A shepard chasing after a lost sheep.
“The Shepherd left the 99 to find the 1 who was lost!” That sums what VCI is about…

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