October 2018 Update


October 19, 2018

Dr Arjan the Chairman of CptC
Dr Arjan the Chairman of CptC.

I have just returned (17th October) from Holland, Ireland, Belgium, France and Poland.

Here are a few highlights:

  • It was great to be able to speak at the first weekend, of the “Church Planting Training Centers” second year. We have amazing lecturers - one of whom is Dr Arjan, the chairman of CPTC. (pictured here)
  • We had our “VCI all-in-day”. These are always vibrant, fun, prophetic and encouraging.
  • It was excellent to be able to hear of a few church plants in their early stages and even attend a few of the new churches.
 Lunch break during VCI all-in-day
Lunch break during VCI all-in-day
  • Poland was a first for me and it was brilliant, many wonderful friends were made. I had the privilege of speaking in a church planting conference and seeing first-hand the passion of the leaders for new churches. This initiative is called the “700 project”. The aim is for new churches in 700 towns in Poland that have NO churches in them. 20 churches have begun. I spoke in a church that was planted 15 years ago, it’s the first evangelical church since the town formed 800 years ago!!  The Pastors of this church are taking responsibility in leading the charge for this project. By the way, 80% of the people in their church have come to Christ in this church and some are in the process of planting. Very exciting and so encouraging. My “Multiplication” book is now printed in Polish and I know this will be empowering seed for church multiplication.
Poland was a blast! The aim - 700 new churches!
Church planters - 700 churches, can it be done?

Belgium - new beginnings.

I was reminded again that VCI exists to ignite church planting networks and movements. VCI is a catalyst for new churches, networks and eventually movements.

I love what Ralph Moore says;
“Training pastors to see their churches as launch platforms for new churches is crucial for three reasons:

A. Christianity is shrinking in America, with church attendance being reduced by one percent per decade.

B. The "salt of the earth" factor is fading as the surrounding culture discounts our message.

C. New churches bring people to Jesus 4 times as fast as churches that are more than 10 years old.

Some say the trend in Europe is beginning to slightly rise. Remember though that the “salt of the earth” factor and “shrinking Christianity” was well embedded in Europe and couldn’t get much lower than it was!!! Though small it seems a slight rise is beginning to happen. May it continue.

  • I’m speaking in Christchurch this weekend and two Churches in Hamilton over the next two weekends and back again to Europe (8th – 21st Nov) to speak at a church in Manchester and attend LAUNCH (a church planting conference). Then to the North and South of Ireland to speak, ignite and encourage more leaders to plant churches.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. It is so valued.

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