Is the small church powerful and God-honouring?


August 24, 2019

Is the small church powerful and God-honouring?  Small church, large church – is there a difference?

I confess I have always ‘appreciated’ the smaller church…but mainly as a necessity while it grows bigger!  

More recently, I have begun to understand and love the small church simply for what it is…I wonder if small is the new big?

Do you know most people worldwide attend a small church? (ie 100 people or less in attendance).

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “God must love the small church, He made so many of them”.

There is something powerful and wonderful about small that I’ve begun to appreciate. We don’t always hear a lot of positive things about small. The Western Church usually thinks bigger is better. Or small is on the way to getting bigger.

Please do not hear me say that large churches don’t engage in the below attributes. It’s simply much easier to activate these areas in a smaller setting. Also, allow me to clarify, I love the church with all its differences, shapes and sizes. The church is indeed God’s plan A, no question!

Here are some thoughts about the power of small:

  • Discipleship takes place more easily in a small church, as relationships and releasing people into ministry are a key focus. (See the last point).
  • Leadership is more achievable for a lot of people in a smaller setting. (it’s not so intimidating).
  • Small churches can multiply much more easily and faster. E.g. Rabbits vs Elephants.
  • More people have opportunities to minister and be involved, for everyone is needed.  
  • People are easily missed in a smaller setting if they have not attended for a week or two, and follow up tends to happen more easily.
  • Buildings can be smaller, so large spaces and expenses for premises are not as large, or not needed at all.
  • The leader of a small church can be paid part-time or I know of many in full time secular jobs. Many of our leaders in Europe are not in full - or part time church work and it’s working. This also means others need to be released as they are vitally needed to do the work of ministry. In other words, discipleship often takes place quicker.

Allow me to add to recommend Karl Vater’s book “The Grasshopper Myth", whilst I might not agree with all his thoughts, it’s not only worth a read it’s a poignant book for the Western Church.

Karl addresses the value of the small church and how we need both small and large churches. Read this and be encouraged. It’s an excellent read for denominational leaders, as all denominations and movements have a larger percentage of small churches in them.It addresses how small church leaders could feel and think. It also gives ideas on how to work with and encourage the leaders of small churches. As you read this book, you begin to feel the power of the small church. It will empower, encourage and inspire small church leaders. Worth a read I reckon!   

What others are saying:

“Karl has done the Kingdom a service by giving something so necessary, so solid and so real”
Dr Jim Masteller, CEO of CIFT.

“One of the best books I’ve read in several years…very liberating…full of Biblical truth…”
Brian Fitch, Lead Pastor. Florence church, Nazarene, Florence Oregon.

Note: Karl does say the small church is 25 to 350 people. These are North American stats. Worldwide, my take on it is that “a small church is up to 100 or less people in attendance”. 99% of churches in China, India, parts of Africa, and Europe are way less that 100 in attendance on average. In many other parts of the globe 80% of churches are less than 100 in attendance.

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