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June 14, 2021

Over the last 6-7 months I’ve been helping at Faith Bible College. It seems that God has shoulder tapped me to become the 'Interim Principal’.

Let me go back a number of years. I was in a church meeting and about to speak, the Pastor whom I greatly respect said, "he saw a yacht and the wind was blowing but from a totally unexpected direction - it was blowing in from left field".

Well I have had a few unexpected directions in life but ‘Interim Principal' was a very left field and unexpected role. Still, I know God has called!

This College is where Karen and I met in 1977. Des Short has been the founder / principal for 53 years, probably the longest serving principal of any Bible College world wide. There have been over 4500 graduates of Faith - now serving Jesus all over the Globe.

I see the role at Faith enhancing the ministry of church planting in Europe (when the borders open again), and with Multiplication Network (NZ). It will also increase my travel around NZ and Asia (when the borders open) as there are huge connections there for Faith Bible College. Church multiplication is still a major focus of mine, and will continue to be. To continue sending graduates into the harvest to multiply churches, networks and even begin Faith Locations is very exciting.

How long this role is for is anyone's guess, but one of my primary objectives is to find a new principal. We have time and it empowers me to bring leadership to the College at a critical time. A typical week is flexible and will involve sometimes full time and often part time, whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Here is Dr Des Shorts announcement:

Des read the following to his trusted staff and students on Friday morning 11 June.

“What I am going to say to you today is a devotional word that has truly kindled a fire within my heart. I am declaring that I have decided to hand over my position of Principal of Faith Bible College to my good friend Pastor Nick Klinkenberg. Nick is to be made Interim Principal of FBC from today onwards.

I have seen everything in the 53 years that I have been protecting Faith Bible College with my wife Carley. Finally I have found, at 90 years of age, a man I know will continue to protect the legacy and the good works we have done, as l finally take my hand off the plough. Not entirely to let go, as I will remain Principal Emeritus, Chairman of the Board and a Board Member until I am ready to stand down.

The mantle is being passed on; I am releasing my hand from the plough. Let’s not waste another minute. Let’s get the next stage of Faith Bible College underway together.”

The Faith Bible College Board of Trustees gave unanimous support to Des’ decision of Nick coming into the role of Interim Principal.

Please pray for Des and Nick as we move into this transition.
This is a great day!

I will be commissioned on Friday 25th June - 7:30pm at Faith Bible College. 749 Welcome Bay Road - Tauranga. Please see this as your invitation to attend. It would be so encouraging to see you there.

If you have any questions please email or call me. Also could I ask you to pray, as these are huge shoes to fill and there is much to do.

The DREAM of Faith Bible College is still:
Developing servant leaders,
for the Global Harvest,
manifesting the Character of Christ,
ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit… is as vital as ever!

Thanks for your support, prayer and encouragement. It is highly appreciated.
Nick & Karen

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