December Update - Have you caught the Multiplication Virus?


December 12, 2019

I have just returned from Poland and Ireland meeting with legends – people who have caught the ‘multiplication virus’, planting churches that plant churches. They are sacrificing and denying themselves, forgoing the focus of simply growing the church, to planting churches before focusing on buildings, attendance numbers, finances, performance, professionalism and programs. Please don’t read that these are not important, but to simply focus on the above can lead us to wrong places of superficial success and unbiblical side-lines. Which is different than a Kingdom mindset and authentic Christianity.

Poland was a blast. It went exceedingly well. Slawek and Christina have, with a team, begun a project for 700 new churches, it’s been running for the last few years.

It’s exciting that 30 churches have begun so far. They have just started another 700 projects in the north of Poland and what’s exciting is that leaders have already committed to begin 20 new churches over the next 2 years.

Slawick & Christina
Church planter Jerzy. In front of one of the oldest churches in Krakow

43,000 towns and villages have NO vibrant alive evangelical church!! and Cities are sorely bereft of churches as well.

Then it was off to Ireland, to meet with more - you guessed it… church planters! Peter & Martha hosted several meetings with people encouraging the planting of churches.

Church planters in Dublin. Darren, Lauren & Peter

50 towns have NO vibrant, alive evangelical church! Plus, Cities are lacking churches.

It’s an honour and a joy to partner with these leaders.

Another year has nearly come to an end.
Thank you again for the prayers, financial support and encouragement.

  • Seed has been sown in one of THE mission fields of the 21st century!
  • Churches have been planted,
  • Planning is underway for more new churches,
  • The Community Planting Training Centre has begun its second intake,
  • Many have been encouraged and fired up to aid the planting of churches, through personal contact, in workshops and seminars.
  • There have been quite a few salvations & healings.
  • Hundreds of books have been sold or given.
  • God has intervened and spoken to people.
  • Thousands of Kilometres have been safely travelled.
  • Many have caught the multiplication virus!

To God be the Glory, great things HE has done!

Karen and I love the Christmas season, sun, sand, beaches, BBQ’s, long warm evenings and catching up with family and friends.

We trust you have a fantastic season of celebrating Jesus birth and His resurrection life… Twenty20 here we come. New experiences, exciting adventures and new seasons. Maybe even losses and grief to embrace, allowing God to do His work in us and through us. That’s life and the supernatural wonder is, that God works in it all.

Our love and may you know HIS favour and blessing in your lives and families. Whatever season you’re in, good difficult or in-between, remember Emmanuel – God is with you!

Nick & Karen.

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