December Update - Happy Christmas


December 7, 2020

New house, new book, new city, new network, new opportunities, new Job for Karen and new friends…all in a pandemic year…wow!

Yeah, it’s been quite a year. We hardly heard the word Covid19 last year, now it’s one of the most common words of 2020; but we have seen some wonderful things take place.

We sold our home in Cambridge and moved to Tauranga… a new city where Karen and I met in 1977… yeah, I know we have lived a long time now! We have bought a wonderful house and moved in last week. Yay! Our new address is below…

During lockdown, I wrote another book - which has gone gangbusters and is being translated into Flemish and French. If you want a copy and you are in New Zealand please email or text me your postal address before the 21st of December. … your Christmas gift from me.

Use my contact form to message me or text my mobile 021 673 616.

For those who prefer the digital format or if you are overseas, get an eBook copy at the following link before the 21st of December.

Download eBook

Also during lockdown, we began a new Network. Multiplication Network (MxN). I have been praying about this for a while now and it kind of happened spontaneously; it’s amazing what coincidences we have when we pray! It’s been steadily growing. We have met on Zoom several times and are meeting face to face on the 6th of January in Levin. MxN is highly relational and about encouraging one another to multiply churches. If you want to know more, please phone or email me.

We’re passionate for harvest, multiplying communities and sharing life together.

Another new opportunity presented itself this year, to lecture and work with Faith Bible College (FBC). They are going through huge changes and it’s exciting to be involved in helping with that change. Karen & I met at FBC in 1977 and so it’s dear to our hearts. FBC has been operating for 52 years and has an amazingly fruitful legacy, with over 5000 graduates around the world. I count it a privilege to serve wherever needed.

Our younger selves, post-FBC and newly engaged.

It’s been a joy that most weekends I could travel within NZ to many churches from Auckland to Invercargill. I always find these times life-giving and it’s wonderful to be able to add my voice to the local church.

Last week, it was a delight to Zoom with my friends/leaders in Europe - whom I have greatly missed. They are doing extremely well considering the strict restrictions of their lockdowns. Please pray for Europe.

Karen continues funeral directing with a sister company to the one she was with in Hamilton. New people, different systems and working in a new city has its challenges. But she still enjoys the work.

Have a fantastic Christmas…a few years ago on Christmas day we narrated a drama of the Christmas story with the Grandies and adults… it was absolutely hilarious, the sheep got a little out of control and Joseph fell over with laughter. One adult had to be reminded he was a donkey… several times!!

Somewhere in your Christmas time, remember Him and thank Him for His saving grace.

Twenty21 will have its challenges I’m sure, but let’s expect a great year: multiplication.

Karen & I want to sincerely thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support.

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