small the new big?


May 4, 2021

Have we forgotten the Micro size Church? It seems the Bible has a lot to say about it…

Last week I promised a list of homes in the Bible (New Testament) where churches and meetings were held and Salvations, miracles and baptisms took place. Here they are…

Matt 26:6 & Mark 14:1-9  Ministry took place in Simons home which touched the world.
Matt 26:18  The last supper was in a home.
Mark 1:29-34  Miracles took place in Simon and Andrew’s home, many were healed and demons were cast out.  
Mark 2:1-12  Miracles took place in a house that was overflowing with people.
Mark 7:17  Jesus went to a home to pray. (He can come to my home any-day).
Luke 19:5/9-10  Jesus invites himself to Zacchaeus’ home. Salvation came to that home.
Acts 5:42 ‘…Every day in the temple and from house to house…’
Acts 10:1ff  Cornelius has a vision. Peter has a vision while at a house to go to the house of Cornelius – Salvations, the Holy Spirit moves and baptisms are the result. All in a home.
Acts 12:12  A prayer meeting in Mary’s home. (See what happened there).
Acts 16:32  Salvation came to the Jailers household at His home.
Acts 16:40  Paul & Silas went to the home of Lydia, where they met with believers and encouraged them.
Acts 18:7  Salvations happened in the house of Titus Justus. Crispus, the leader of the Synagogue and his household also experienced Salvation.
Acts 20:20  Paul speaks publically but also in homes.
Acts 28:23 / 30-31  Many people came to where Paul was staying – his home. He proclaimed the Kingdom of God and taught about Jesus.
Roms 16:5  Greetings from Paul to a church that meets in a home.
1 Cor 16:19  Church in Aquila and Priscilla’s house sends greetings.
Col 4:15  A church meets in Nympha’s house.
Philemon v2  A church meets in Philemon’s house.

Could it be that the upper room Acts 2:1ff was a large home? Let’s also remember Acts 2:46 …they met in homes for the Lord’s Supper…
Acts 28:7-9  Paul went to Publius’ estate (most likely his home) and Publius’ father was healed. Other sick people on the island came (it seems they came to the estate) and were healed.

I am not making a case for either / or. But I am making a case for both / and. We seem to be so focused on Macro and Mega – it seems most leaders aspire to these and I wonder if we forget the Micro size.

Let’s be honest, most churches have begun in homes or places that were small. Also, lets remember that most churches (approx. 80% worldwide) are less than 100 in attendance. Is small the new big.

It’s simple and uncomplicated: micro churches don’t rely on Attendance numbers, Buildings or Cash (ABC). (Of course, if you need a building as the attendance is larger than a home, get a building and find the money if you need it). Please DO NOT hear me say church in a home or micro churches are the only way

  • BUT, they do multiply faster (small things multiply eg a small virus that you can’t see impacts a world).
  • They take less resource - low or no cost.  
  • It’s not complicated.
  • Leadership capacity doesn’t need to be as high.                                            
  • They don’t require large buildings.
  • Making disciples is also easier.

I say “small is the new big”.

Let’s remember WHY we plant churches, it was never meant to be complicated, it’s not easy but not it’s complicated. We plant churches so people can come to Christ and do life together.

Until next time…

Blessings Nick & Karen.

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