August Update - 📖Book: The Rise and Fall of Movements


August 7, 2019

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a book comes across my path that I can’t stop talking to people about. Steve Addison’s latest book (Number four) is one of these!

The Rise and Fall of Movements: A Roadmap for Leaders.
By Steve Addison. 231 pages.

If we are truly interested in reaching the nations or Christ this is a must-read.

I love the insightful way Steve addresses the fact that Christianity is a missionary movement. He suggests there has been an unhealthy shift in mission and what is missional, particularly in the Western church. Steve calls this “missional fog”.Drawing on the life and ministry of Jesus, and with reflections on the patterns of past and present movements, Steve provides a roadmap for leaders who want to multiply disciples and churches to the ends of the earth. Whether pioneering on the edge, riding a wave of expansion, or stuck in suffocating decline, The Rise and Fall of Movements addresses each phase in the movement lifecycle, helping leaders to identify which stage they are at and to realign themselves with God’s purposes.

A ministry is what you can do with the help of others.

A movement is what God can do when you let go of control and multiply disciples and churches.

Steve AddisonAt the core of The Rise and Fall of Movements is a call to movement pioneers to make a fresh return to their identity in Jesus, and from there to lead out with the God-given strategies and methods that cause movements to not only birth, but to grow and endure.

Like Celine Dion, “I could go on and on…” but it’s better to get the download
yourself. As I was, inspired, and challenged and received insights that ignited
something in me, I trust it does the same for you.

This is an apostolic and insightful book for our time. I’ve already ordered many copies for my movement friends!

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