Church Multiplication is more like gardening than construction


Today, along with my upcoming dates below, I would also like to share the following short except from an article from Ralph Moore on church planting, and I encourage you to read the full article. Around a 1000 churches could name Ralph's church and ministry as the catalyst for their church plants. He and his wife Ruby live in Honolulu where they have just planted another church, Hope Chapel.

“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” The command is repeated twice in Genesis. In Genesis 1:28 at the beginning of humanity God says this to Adam and Eve. He commands it again, in Genesis 9:1 when he reboots humanity with Noah’s family after the flood. God gave the same mandate twice—we should not miss the significance of that.

It is almost as if that command is at the core of our creative DNA. But it didn’t take long for man to forget the very first thing he was told to do. This is most notable in Genesis 11 where we see humanity coming together to build the Tower of Babel. Mankind was not sending and spreading, but gathering and building. The self-centered dream took the place of the vision God gave us. As a result, God scattered what humans had gathered.

This type of garden vs tower thinking isn’t unique to Genesis. It also has taken root in the church…

Continue reading Ralph's Article here...

Upcoming Dates

This is simply a reminder for prayer and letting you know that I fly out next week to UK, Belgium and Ireland… I do appreciate your prayer and support. Thank you.

  • I’m speaking in one of the new Ivy Church plants. Ps Anthony Delaney and the Ivy Church team have become encouraging friends in this journey of church planting. They are a unique church that is aiming to plant many churches. Ivy church is also hosting “LAUNCH” Launch is a National and European focused church planting conference which I’ll be speaking at. Please pray.
  • After LAUNCH, its onto Zottegem, Belgium for our second Church Planting Conference there on the 18th November; hosted by local Belgium and Dutch leaders and in partnership with VCI. I am believing for this to be a key time sowing seeds into a very needy part of Europe. Please pray for this.
  • Then to Ireland with some of the the Elim church leaders talking about… you guessed it – church planting!! Please pray.

I arrive back in NZ on the 29th Nov.


My Multiplication book is selling well. It is already proving to be an extremely helpful resource for people. I would like a few to partner with me to sponsor a number of books at cost. This helps gets the word out there to people who need it, and of course helps our cash flow.

If you would like to partner with me use the link below to purchase individual books or use the giving information below to sponsor books using online giving.

Please pray for MULTIPLICATION to be an insightful resource.

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Thank you again for your prayer, support and encouragement, this is so vital for us.

If you would like to invest in our ministry, the Church Planting Training Centre or sponsor books please use the account details below or click the link to give online.

For the Kingdom.
Nick and Karen

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